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About Us

Xu Changchang Security Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing electric power measurement and control instrumentation and automation equipment of high-tech companies. Products include multi-function power meters, power transmitter, temperature and humidity controller, voltage monitor, chronograph loss of pressure, voltage transducer, power accident bell, digital ammeter, signal transmitters, electricity transmission and more power , voltage meter, power meter, frequency meter, factor tables, computer central signal alarm device, computer flash alarm, temperature controller, high voltage over-current relay cabinet, safe operation of power enterprises the number of days displays, intelligent industrial instrument, such as parameter display products.

Company focus on new technologies and new product development, and fully implement the ISO9001 quality assurance system. Instrument's measurement range measured by the Henan Provincial Bureau of Technical Supervision Inspection Testing identified, obtained measuring instruments (measurement and manufacturing license) and metrological confirmation system certification. 

company formerly known as Institute of Xuchang City instrumentation. Over the years, the company is committed to the development and production of measurement and control instrumentation, has accumulated a rich experience for the customer service and electricity products, formed a dynamic, motivated team.

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